5 websites every digital marketer should use every day

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There are many websites out there covering everything digital, but here are a few of our favourites that we use every day and often recommend to our clients:


Covering everything from UI/UX design to inbound marketing campaigns, the Econsultancy blog is a place that should be visited during every digital marketers' morning commute. The great thing about Econsultancy is that they use practical examples to help marketers understand key topics and trends in the industry, utilising the knowledge of various marketing experts along the way.


Google trends

Are users searching for your keywords? At what time are they searching for them? Do your keywords have yearly volume trends? These are key questions that every marketer should ask themselves regularly. Google trends will help you find the answers to these questions using graphical representations of the interest in any given keyword. This can also be a useful tool for decision making and presenting to board members wanting to delve into the search universe for your products.


Hubspot blog

Hubspot understand how to truly run a content platform and engage with their audience. If you want to see an example of content marketing in action Hubspot will be the place to look. The Hubspot blog covers everything inbound and is a great place to get ideas for new digital initiatives and read about digital marketing best practice. The blog has separate sections for marketing and sales so you can easily find the content most relevant to you.


Wayback machine – Internet archive

This is a great tool that allows you to search for any web page via a URL and view it as it looked at various times throughout its history. This is particularly useful for marketers that like to go in depth with their performance metrics since you can isolate data in analysis platforms and couple this with what your site looked like at the time this data was collected. This data can be invaluable if your site experiences the dreaded ‘conversion rate dropping of a cliff’ scenario and you want to analyse the elements that have changed since any given date.


Any online travel site…

Why is this on the list? So you can spend some time planning your next holiday of course. As marketers, we can often get lost in the numerous activities we are trying to make successful and forget to take a break. Taking holidays is vitally important since it gives you time to refresh and relax (And spend some time outside of Google Analytics…).